Dublin Ireland Day 2

Pastor David re visits Dublin Ireland to evangelize on the streets the next day. He's once again faced with backlash and accused of being judgmental and harsh. Watch Pastor David Lynn share the Wisdom with those who are spiritually blinded by the world.. ...
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  1. Mr David lynn please forget where you from or your ancestors it doesn’t matter ok it doesn’t count at all GOD doesn’t care where we from or which race we from I hear you talk about where your ancestors from and some times In your preaching and I feel isn’t necessary at all what is necessary is your work for GOD and determination please keep it burning

  2. God Bless you Pastor David!
    I believe we are all called as believers, if we are truly a follower and believer of Jesus Christ and what He taught. We are ALL called to do what you are doing. In the sense, to go and preach the good news the gospel. I think many people who try to claim to be Christian say “God didn’t call me” God commanded ALL of us.
    I didn’t when I was younger but now as I am older and God is humbling me and teaching me. I feel I need to be doing as you are doing.
    The harvest is great but the workers are few.
    Keep doing what you’re doing David, and if at some point I were able to meet you on this earth that would be awesome! And if not, I will see you definitely in Heaven!