The Feast of Purim

CFM Essex, with Stephen Clayden delivers an in depth message on the book of Esther, discussing the "Feast of Purim"


  1. Excuse me sir or anyone viewing this. I really would love to get baptized as soon as possible by David is anyone knows how this could be done I would greatly appreciate that information. Thank you. I live in California the IE to be exact and it would be an honor since I have never been baptized as of yet and I’ve been watching my brother (you) do his thing in this world makes me want you David to do it out of all.

  2. Spirit of Islam, which is Haman, very soon going to hang by its own neck and Iran open gates of gospel to Israel. Iran like Esther going to go to King and ask for freedom for the Jews. Iran bring gospel to free Jews. Imagine mortal enemies transformed thru the blood of Christ. This plot twist: gallows Hamons plan genocide used as instrument by which he himself hung. Noose around devils’ neck: the fullness of gentiles coming in the salvation, and deliverance of the Jewish people, and return of Messiah to Jerusalem to rule and reign. and wipe away tears and bring promises. Drama: Devil hanging on his own gallows.