Pastor David Lynn shares the biblical approach to humility which stems from the fear of the Lord. This sermon has elements of the double edged sword we fight with, having to look inwardly checking in on our motives whether we are without pride, allowing us to come before the Lord in reverence and humility. Get ready for a check up, with your heart, in this retrospective sermon.


  1. This message was definitely a blessing to/for me, The Holy Spirit definitely convicted me here. I’m glad The Lord put it on your heart to go ahead preach this message. Blessings to you and your family, to all those who has watched and to those who haven’t watched just yet! 🙏🏽

  2. I think i wasn’t humble in my groups at church. At the end of one group, i asked if all believers there had been immersed by water baptism? they all answered yes, except the leader of the group. I asked why…etc. She was offended. she ended up catching up with me in church and let me know i was wrong to ask questions like that, cause i may turn away unbelievers. 2. Second women’s group at the end of session, I asked the Christian teachers if they had to use pronouns, etc. Yes. Then i asked if i identify as a cat, do acknowledge me as a cat? Before they could answer, leader, pastor wife, pulled me aside and said i was not acting in love like Jesus.