“You’re A Hateful man!”

Pastor David Lynn Preaches on Halloween in the Streets of London in the Club district. He get's interrupted by a man claiming that his preaching is hateful....
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  1. Why do ppl feel obligated to stand there and and argue u down until u agree with them instead of going on about their day if they’re not going to listen annoy it seems to me that they just want to have a heated argument claim so much that we have freedom of speech but when we speek the gospel it then becomes spreading hate if you dont care that much move on why get frustrated when one speak of the bible let it be anything eles this world we leave in is wicked

  2. These people stand no chance against David! It’s a peculiar pattern to see all of these people repeating the rhetoric they’ve been brainwashed with by the television and school system from an early age and he just shatters it in front of their eyes proves their ignorance and they have no ground to stand on so either get violent yell or run away. It’s reminiscent of cognitive dissonance.

  3. God bless everyone! We are followers of Christ and everyday we will be tested, for us to be strong. We, his generation, we shall not allow our flesh to make decisions instead we invite the holy spirit to guide us every time. Being a Christian is not being limited, infact we enjoy life more than the people of the world, in Christ and then in eternity our joy is more!!!
    The devil will offer his lies just for the pleasure of seeing you loose everything, and that everything is Jesus so keep staying beside him ๐Ÿฅบ. Amen ๐Ÿ™โœ๏ธ

  4. God bless you Man of God people donโ€™t want to hear that sin is wrong because then they are accountable for it and many want to justify it and live in it because they think they wanna enjoy their sinful pleasures on earth but we know thatโ€™s short lived God gives us instructions because he knows whatโ€™s best for us as sin leads to death but people donโ€™t want to be told what to do I pray God opens their hearts and eyes before too late we all must repent believe and accept Jesus whilst theirs still time lord have mercy on us all

  5. These people that get so mad always contradict themselves the way they think makes no sense at all. They do and say whatever to justify their sin. And always put Jesus in a box and mold him into something that heโ€™s not to make what they do right. And talk about him like they really know Jesus when they donโ€™t even know him at all. I pray for these people i thank the Lord for saving me and giving me knowledge and wisdom cause i know I sounded like this too!