EXPOSED: UK Police Officers marginalize/discriminate against preacher

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Police get called to try and get David Lynn to stop preaching in the UK.


  1. I was living in sin and watching violent videos on YT. Amongst all the videos listed, this video also came up in the ‘recommendations’ so I thought to take a look at it. I had never heard of him before. This was the first video I ever saw of David Lynn. How he overcame the British police was inspirational to me. After this one I wanted to find out more about this man. I see videos of him debating with the Muslims in Hyde Park from day till night and over coming them too. His knowledge dealing with the police and Muslims was impressive. Then I watched his Live videos of his Canada tour in 2019 when he was arrested for preaching. Altogether I watched roughly 5 videos of his. That 5th video I watched when he was being arrested ‘Live’, was the day I returned to Christ, as the truth was being played out before my very eyes. Amen and thank you Jesus! If you’re ever arrested for preaching, don’t feel bad cos someone somewhere came to Christ because of your arrest.